Retail Packaging

To make it in the world of retail your product needs to stand out. Millvale can help by offering a range of services to help make your product a success. Supporting multi colour print, and with the support of our in-house design team, we can provide you with creative packaging guaranteed to stand out.Jar Packaging labels

Our team of designers can work with you on a design you provide, or help you create a design from scratch.We understand brand is important so we will produce, with you, your branded packaging. If you want something a little more unique we can also offer our die-cut packaging to make your bespoke boxes really stand out.

Millvale jar packagaing

Why choose Millvale for your Retail Packaging

  • Our team of designers can help develop your creative packaging
  • We will use company colours to produce branded packaging
  • We offer die-cut packaging for unique and truly bespoke packaging
  • Volume packaging and printing 250-100000 units